Yacht Charter

According to our yacht, gulet charter or group sales system, the head of the group organizes their beloved relatives and/or friends and thereafter, he/she contacts us. We offer him/her a blue tour adventure with alternatives. Then, they inform us about which one of our yachts they prefer and their expectations and this is the most important point for us. In order to enable the full satisfaction of the both sides, please inform us about your expectations as detailed as possible.

Furthermore, the bosses and administrators of the companies know very good, how important is keeping the moral in their company at good level. Don't you think that a Blue Tour can provide a good motivation, before or after a serious work period? Right at this point, we intervene and take over this duty. SERKAN YACHTING....
In our this sales system, you can use it for any program, whether created by yourself or by us depending on our experiences. Please check our routes and yacht fleet. You are only one "click" far from us, to select a suitable one for you and to experience and enjoy a wonderful holiday with your beloved relatives and/or friends.

Serkan Yachting is specialist about guaranteed departure of standard cabin charter, luxury cabin charters and private gulet charter & exclusive yacht charters in TURKEY