Serkan Yachting

Our company established in the year of 2005 is purposed to meet you with the uncomparable coves and beauties of the Turkey, through its experiences gained from 1996 up to today. SERKAN YACHTING caused to exist from itself automatically, when we combined the harmony of green and blue with the top quality service, qualified personnel and work discipline.

We started this adventure with our yacht named SCARLET-2 and with 300 voyager capacity in the year of 2005, with the philosophy of "Satisfaction of our voyagers is also our own satisfaction" and today, we have been continuing blue voyage with 32 yachts with in the Antalya, Bodrum and Marmaris regions. Instead of thinking and planning to find ways in order to increase these figures each year, we prefer to keep these figures stabilized and to think and plan to find ways in order to provide more quality service with more quality yachts. Furthermore, with the help of our various yacht type options and accommodation possibilities, we hope that on our web page, you will find a suitable blue tour from the offered alternatives, which are appropriate to every budget, without making any concession on quality.

Perhaps just to grant an additional moral to your employees or maybe just as a gesture to your successful personnel or vendors or when you want to strengthen your business relations with your customer with a dinner in a silent, elite and different environment, we provide you a pleasant alternative and this means that you are in the right pages. We are at your proposal with our wooden and motor yachts for daily or weekly tours.While surfing our web-site of Serkan Yachting Antalya, you will find an appropriate alternative for your demands of such as guaranteed cabin renting or private yacht renting and please do not forget to keep in mind that "Every new start brings an expectation and hope". Therefore, please mention your possible expectations and wishes during the reservation stage in advance.

Apart from the private group and cabin charter, we guess that working with the worldwide recognized tour operators for long years is an indicator that we do our job well. Some of these tour operators have been mentioned as reference.

Finally; in the Aegean and Mediterranean shores, shove off to the sea by yourself alone or with your partner or with your group and discover the hidden coves. Swim in the crystal blue seas and experience and enjoy the beauty of blue and green and dive into the history among the remainders from the ancient times.

At that time, the description of your understanding from life will be changed.

It would be a great pleasure for us to see you as a Blue Tour voyager among us...