Blue Cruise

Blue CruiseA life style... an adventure... a fascinating discovery... a voyage between the sky and the sea and meeting with the green inside the blue... If you once experience it, it will be your passion, which you can't forsake... It is the ideal way, to discover the unique small islands and to swim in the warm and clear waters and to anchor on each occasion and to enjoy the unique and incomparable beauties of the Mediterranean and Aegean shores.

Flying fishes... Dolphins.... Breathtaking sunsets.... Nights with plenty of stars... On the way of the Blue Voyage, you will meet with the freedom symphony of the sea along with the colorful seashells at each green stopping place, where the mountains are covered with the magnificent fragrances of the thymes and the hidden dried mimosas among the rocks. An undescribable love combined with the nature... For all of these, you can choose one of our standard, luxury or deluxe type yachts from our fleet. If you wish, we are ready to provide your transfers. In this regard, it will be sufficient, if you contact the Serkan Yachting. It is sufficient for you just to select one of our Blue Tour Programs you wish to join, the remainings are our duty.

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