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gezilecek yerlerPHASELIS: One of the harbour cities of ancient Lycia.At the foot of mount of Olympe, the site is overlooking the sea at its three harbours. The sights include the aqueduct,the theatre,baths and the royal path amongst the pinewoods.

OLYMPOS:Another Lycian town.Its remains are dispersed in the nature beside a magnificent beach.Far beyond,the eternal flame of Chimera burns.

MYRA AND ST.NICHOLAS:Myra is known with its impressive necropolis dating From 6th-3rd centuries BC.The tombs are carved on the rocks of the mountain where it's believed that the dead go easily to heaven.A very well preserved theatre can also be seen.The church is dedicated to St.Nicholas(Santa Claus),with its presumed tomb inside.

SIMENA:Lying on Kalaköy's shoulder,another Lycian town with a beautiful landscape overlooking Kekova.

ÜÇAĞIZ: An isolated village from the modern world in inner Kekova.

gezilecek yerler

KAŞ:A typical seaside town of the Mediterranean.Narrow streets,lots of different shops,bars,pubs,discos and restaurants.Furthermore,there is a post office,change offices,banks and ATM's.A very animated nightlife awaits those who are interested.

XANTHOS: Xanthos,the capital city of ancient Lycia is 5 miles from the sea.From the rocky mounts,Xanthos' remains reign over the coastal line.A grand part of the richness can now be found in British Museum.One can admire the theatre from the Roman era,the monolith called Harpies',a 5 yard column holding a funeral chambre and a Byzantine church.

PATARA:The harbour town of Patara where St.Nicholas was born is covered by dunes.But,at the same time,a Corinthian temple,thermal baths,an arch of triumph,all dating from 100 AD,can be seen.There is also a magnificent theatre.

SAKLIKENT:Those who are interested in trekking ,can fulfill this hobby in Saklıkent,which is a 12 mile canyon.Guests will be offered Gözleme (Turkish pancake) and ayran (yoghurt drink) on a terrace over the stream.Walking on ice-cold waters and applying mud mask are part of the activities during the day.

gezilecek yerlerCNIDUS:On the head of the peninsula of Datça,in a beautiful marine landscape,the ruins of Cnidus,one of the Dorian hexapolis rise.Two theatres (smaller one is closed by the harbour),temples dedicated to Demetrius and Aphrodite,the agora,the city walls and gates and the trireme harbour can be seen.Cnidus was also the native city of architect Sostratus,designer of the Pharaos lighthouse of Alexandria,one of the Seven Wonders.

SEDRAI:The isle of Cleopatra is famous for its ancient site Sedrai.But, mostly for its beautiful beach, which the sand has been known to be brought from the Nile shores by Antonius.Small theatres and city walls are also to be seen.

MARMARİS:One of the most elegant yachting resorts of Turkey.A point to meet the most beautiful boats.Ultramarine blue sea,mountains and pinewoods sketch the landscape.Many choices of shops,cafes,restaurants are to be found along the narrow streets of the town.

DALYAN:This site is an estuary formed by a maze of canals and isles on which the weed sprouts in a beautiful green colour.It is a sanctuary and a home for the famous caretta caretta turtles.The sea and İztuzu beach is accessed by boat where one can admire pine and eucalyptus woods.

gezilecek yerlerCAUNOS:This ancient site is accessible from Dalyan.The little boats cross on calm waters to arrive to Caunos.One can see the magnificent Lycian tombs carved on a rock of a high cliff.

KAYAKÖY:An interesting village deserted by Greeks at the end of Turkey's War of Independence.The whole town is remained intact.One will be taken 80 years back.

DATÇA:A typical small town frequented by sailing amateurs.The professors George E. Bean and Cook claimed that the ancient Cnidus was located near by Datça before it had been moved to the head of the peninsula,in the 4th century BC.

GÖCEK:Probably,the most reputable town of the Turkish Mediterranean.One can see many famous figures of Turkish and international jet-set in the streets,as well as the magnificent neighbouring coves.