Deluxe Yachts

These yachts are exactly for you, if the comfort is important for you and if you wish to enjoy the beauties of blue and green in a deluxe environ. If you say that the lyric life and visible pleasures are indispensable components for you, you are here on the right place. All you need to do is to check our deluxe yachts fleet, in order to make your own program according to your own wishes and decisions and to discover the coves, which are not known by anybody, except you and to enjoy this pleasure and unforgettable moments with your beloved relatives and friends.

Number of cabins in our deluxe type yachts varies between 4 and 10 cabins. The length of our deluxe type yachts varies between 20 and 45 meters and all of these are equipped with navigation, sail equipments, air-conditioners, kitchen, living room and the cabins are also fully equipped. All you need to take with you are your clothes, your personal belongings and your beach towel. With these yachts having the comfort of a 5 Stars Hotel, you can voyage and roam the wonderful islands and coves and even, you can make your own voyage program and visit the virgin islands of our neighbor country Greece like Zeus. You can realize the reasons, why Aphrodite was that much beautiful and why Hercules was that much strong or why Poseidon was the God of the seas.